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Jess Friday


She/her. Autistic. ADHD. Queer. Neurodiversity, accessibility, mental wellness, and ecosocialism advocate. I’m a helper bringing people and community together to make each other’s lives better and create a balanced world.

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George Wilson III


George’s bio coming soon!

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Mads Oliver

Discord Manager, Design Associate

Queer, trans & disabled graphic designer and communications professional with a passion for community service and social justice. Thrives on helping organizations connect with their supporters in equitable, inclusive and unique ways.

Warning: Comes with a huge side of nerd. /j

Oliver Tree Designs
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Kit Caelsto

Marketplace Developer

I am a nonbinary (pronouns: they/them), fat, queer, autistic, and neurodivergent farmer yogi with fibromyalgia who loves supporting people in a trauma-informed, safe manner so they can free range their way to radical wellness.

To do this, I use my skills as a wellness coach, yoga teacher, meditation instructor, reiki healer, and harmonic energy worker. We’ll also receive support from my sacred herd of rescue horses and flock of chickens (the inspiration for Chicken Yogi). Together, we’ll weave magic, harmony, and fun to lead you on a path so you can discover your own unique path to wellness.

Chicken Yogi – Free Range Your Path to Wellness
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Morgan Page

Social Media Manager

She/her. Autistic and neurodivergent freelance digital artist who has a passion for helping others. I also love dogs, food, and traveling.


Galaxy Littlepaws

Discord Moderator

He/They. I’m a software and game developer in the United States. I love FOSS, virtual worlds, and doing art. I also work in Community Management, and love to help bring people together to have fun in an inclusive and welcoming place.

Galaxy Littlepaws
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