Have an Etsy? Youtube channel? Redbubble? Ecommerce site? Twitch?
Do you sell things you make, create content or art, or sell your time? .

Does executive dysfunction, disability, discrimination, and having to wear many hats in your business make this way more difficult than it should be?

Our mission at Villej is to create an interdependent marketplace that empowers neurodivergent creators, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

We’re building connective and accessible technologies to free up your time so that you can just do what you do best: create.

It starts with you.

  • Neurodivergent creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses

  • Free listings and promotions, gain exposure, help us learn your needs so that we can create solutions for you

  • Become one of the first members of the connective marketplace, launching soon

Be part of a community where we all work together so that everyone succeeds.