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Wheelie Good ProductionsWheelie Good Productions

Wheelie Good Productions

To showcase every voice type, body type, age, culture, gender, and physical ability - including variable energy levels on stage equally.

Welcome to Wheelie Good productions!

What we offer

Customised Workshops

  • Workshops across various art forms.

  • Provide workshops across the music and theatre sector for performers and non-performers.

  • Corporate, private and community workshops.


    Original Musicals

  • Using a musical theatre format where certain characters have flexibility to accommodate those with low energy, each cast member can preserve their health.

  • We rehearse on Saturdays on online and in person.


    Original plays and musicals are written for Auslan

  • Casts are comprised of Deaf and hearing actors who use Auslan. The shows have voiceovers for hearing audience members.

  • We also provide theatre workshops for those who are still learning Auslan.


Personalised story and/or song

  • You get a paperback book with audio book including the song or Auslan video of the story

  • Audio book of story

  • Audio book + personalised song

  • Paperback book

Business Details

This business is
Autistic Owned, Disabled Owned
This business has products and/or services supporting
Neurodiversity, Disability

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