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Waffles Maple Syrup

Welcome to the breakfast table!

Waffles (Stefan)

Co-Founder / GM / Player

Hello Kind Hearts – I’m Waffles, aka Stefan Timmons (he/they). I recently completed my Nuclear Engineering and Technology Degree with a Cyber-security Minor. This was actually what I did when I was in the military (U.S. Navy) for 5 years. I ended up leaving the military after dealing with some severe mental health issues including suicide. After which, I moved to Minnesota and knew next to no one. I met some cool peeps during that time, when looking for online TTRPGs. Eventually, this led to a text-based West-Marches style game, in which I met Syrup, who is now my better half in this business and life. All of this to say, TTRPGs have helped me through a hard spot in my life when there wasn’t really anything else. They give me something to put an overactive mind towards, all while developing worlds, characters, and friendships with everyone from the closest friends to the most random strangers. Without that, I’m not sure where I would be, but it wouldn’t be here. Recently as well, I have been on a journey of discovery with Autism, something that has come to allow me to know and treat myself better. My goal is now to use TTRPGs to tell amazing, quality stories for everyone else in the world, giving them something to stick their mind to when they need it the most. So, thank you, for helping allow us to make someone’s life a little easier.

Syrup (Ada)

Co-Founder / GM / Player

Hello friends! I’m Syrup, also known to some as Ada Hauser (she/her). I’m a foodie, a lifelong nerd, and an animal lover (as apparent by our dogs Nyx and Bacchus who cameo on stream occasionally). My day job is being a solutions specialist in the HCM & Payroll industry, but my degree is in Graphic Design. I design most of our show logos, stream overlays, and website. So, I like to think I have a nice balance between the technical and the creative sides of my life. I first decided to get into TTRPGs on a complete whim as another venue for “nerding out”. It was one of the best decisions of my life. The community I found is one of the most welcoming and kind hearted group of individuals I’ve had the pleasure to be around. This community not only introduced me to the love of my life, but also gave me the confidence to pursue my own mental health journey. I’ve experienced the wonders of therapy and even got officially diagnosed with ADHD, all of which has considerably helped improve my daily life. I want to give back to the community that has helped me so much by using our platform as a means to promote the education, awareness, and empowerment of mental health. All through the lens of collective storytelling and improv. I hope you enjoy the stories we weave together!

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