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Roman Dyre Designs

Crochet Knows No Gender

I picked up crochet as a hobby in late 2019, to help me cope with the stress and anxiety of autistic burnout coupled with active eating disorder recovery. I quickly fell in love with the craft, but soon realized a serious lack of patterns available for people who didn't fit into a particular body shape and style of expression.

When I realized I was trans/nonbinary, I just couldn't bring myself to keep making lacy bralettes, but I didn't want to give up doing what I loved. So I began designing my own garments, ones that captured my own style better, and publishing the patterns on Etsy. I was surprised to find that many other crocheters had been searching for garment patterns that felt more accessible to them, outside the narrow range of style usually expressed through crochet.

As I am Autistic/ADHD and have a physical disability, I haven't been able to make it in the world of traditional employment. This shop has been a way for me to feel like I contribute, in one very small way, to the world around me. I am also creative in other areas of my life, and hope to expand beyond the horizons of just crochet in the future-- but for now, I love getting to share my creations with the world in the form of my favorite craft.

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