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Creator of Struwwelkinder

Struwwelkinder's mission is for German-American children to know their heritage, language, and culture through a positive and progressive perspective. Its mission is also to promote gender and neurodiversity in literature for German-American and German-speaking children who often don't have access to positive portrayals of their culture in children's media. The Voll in Volksmusik means everyone should have access to a good music education that is inclusive to all folk traditions, not degrading and exclusive to just Classical and Jazz.

Heinrich Hoffmann created Der Struwwelpeter as a gift for his two sons when he could not find them a book for Christmas at a store in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in the 1800s. In honor of Der Struwwelperter, I will release a new Struwwelkinder book in December to honor the original book as a Christmas Gift for all German and German-American Children.


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