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Creator of Struwwelkinder

I created Struwwelkinder which is loosely based on Der Struwwelpeter in honor of my Grandmother Lill who was my Struwwelpeter. In Struwwelkinder not only do I represent the German language and Culture, but the characters also have struggles with mental health, embrace neurodivergence, and also love Volksmusik. I'm a person with Aspberger's and I play a big red tuba named Hubert. 

Struwwelpeter is a thirteen-year-old choir director at his orphanage in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and leads his Volksmusik group Struwwelkinder with Hans Gluck (clarinet/lyrics/ vocals), Zappel Phillip (percussion/bass vocals), Hans Bach (accordion/ Steiriche Harmonica/vocals), Klaus Klauerman (trumpet/vocals), and Harold Hutten (tuba/ vocals). Struwwelpeter has O.D.D, has a dark sense of humor, loves opera, and wants a Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula as a pet. Zappel Phillip is ADHD, a fan of Spike Jones, and was adopted by Tirolan Musikant, his favorite instrument is the Hölzernes G`lachter.   Hans Gluck is a Steirbua who reads, writes poems and lyrics and loves nature and birds. He is also Aspberger's and memorizes every song he plays by ear, but can't read sheet music. Hans Bach is queer, dances Schuhplatter and Ballet, and works on makeup for the group, he is also a good baker. Klaus Klauerman is a curious ten-year-old and Harold Hutten is a big guy with a big heart. 




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