Laura Jane Kirton

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Laura Jane KirtonLaura Jane Kirton

Laura Jane Kirton

Watercolor Painter & Pattern Designer

If you ask me why I create art, I’ll tell you it’s because I have to. It’s one of the few things in life that feels like it makes sense to me. I like painting in different styles and playing around with different mediums because I like the way they feel. It’s almost always less about the subject matter and more about the actual process. The way wet brushes feel on paper, the squishiness of mixing colors together, the way holding my brush feels like a dance. It’s relaxing to make brush strokes over and over again. It brings me joy to mix colors and watch them come together on paper to create new colors. I feel connected to colors in a way that I don’t feel connected to anything else. When I was younger, I’d play by organizing things in rainbow order, my closet has been arranged in color order for years now, and when I need to relax I’ll play color-based games on my phone. Something you will always see in my art is color. The ones I tend to gravitate towards the most are bright pinks blended with oranges and purples.

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