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“Who Are You?”
We’re two married-to-each-other people creating as one team! As your current narrator, I’m A. Stiffler (they/them), a freelance illustrator, full-time comicker and passionate birder. We once made a comic strip about the fact I’m agender and you might have spotted a couple of my logos around Reddit here and there. 

Meanwhile, K. Copeland (he/him) is a freelance writer, likewise full-time comicker, bibliophile, trans man and herder of wolves (most popular guy amongst the dogs at the park, three years running). When he’s not researching for a project, he’s jotting down poetry, passionately advocating human rights, collecting quirky historical tales, and is often found teaching enrichment to his service dog, Legba.

ChaosLife is a humorous strip that's mostly autobiographical about our lives and the issues surrounding them, but has a few political or topical one-offs thrown in as they pop up in our lives. It's entertaining, funny and sometimes educational!

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