Divergent Stitches

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Divergent Stitches

Hi there, my name is Victoria. I'm an adult autistic who was diagnosed at the age of 39. I'm a huge proponent of autism in the workplace and in the world. 

I've been pretty crafty and artistic my whole life. I started crocheting in 2018 to deal with the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and fell in love with it. My favorite thing to crochet is custom blankets in intricate patterns.

I began sewing in 2020 and became hooked on making bags. Purses, tote bags, dice bags, even bags for taking to the farmers market! Of course, to be able to buy materials to make bags, I needed to start selling my bags, so I started a business called the Wonky Stitch.

In 2021, I started using my graphic design and artistic skills to create patterns for printing onto fabric and making that fabric into bags.

In 2022, I've begun collaborating with other neurodiverse artists to create designs for fabric, so that I can make bags with that fabric. Neurodiversity brings so much creativity, uniqueness, and mind-blowing color to the world - I want to make one-of-a-kind bags showcasing these wonderful artists!

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