Colin Montoya-Lewis

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Colin Montoya-Lewis

About me:

My goal as a photographer is to see ordinary things in unusual ways. Sometimes I can achieve this goal through extreme effort, such as camping overnight in the snow on Mt. Rainier in mid winter to capture a sunrise. Other times, I might just happen upon an event, fortunate enough to be prepared with camera in hand.

About my prints:

I make my own prints on archival quality, fine art photography paper, using a Canon Pro300 printer, with pigment based Lucia Pro, archival inks. For research information on the longevity of the inks I use, please visit The ink jet process is sometimes called giclée, which simply means “to spray ink.” With care, these prints can be expected to last several lifetimes. As for paper, I use several different papers, all archival quality. The choice is dependent upon the right look for the subject.

I also use a commercial printing company which can accommodate larger prints, up to 60 inches, and prints on specialized materials, such as metal or acrylic. Please feel free to contact me to discuss these options.

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