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AUsome Supports was created with the highest standard of care and commitment to excellence in mind. Founded by an Autistic person to meet the needs of their autistic family member and those she supported in a professional capacity. AUsome Supports is run by her neurodivergent family members and team. All who are employed here have lived experience of disability. We understand our families because this is how we live. We are the best of the best, and we have been for a number of years. Get in touch with a member of our staff to feel the AUsome Supports difference.

Mission Statement

“Organizations providing services for and serving the disability community, should be run by disabled people.  Period.  When this isn't the case ableism is running the organization as well”

Alex Dacy, WheelChair Rapunzel


“Autistic passions can – and do- change the world”
Yenn Purkis- Autistic advocate and author


AUsome Supports is a service that has been established as a direct result of participants who are currently engaged in the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We:

  • have a culture of innovation, and the belief that it is all about the participant and their journey. 

  • provide quality outcomes by fostering strong relationships through collaboration and will always encourage participants to gain support services from any service provision agency, independent contractor or employer / employee arrangement that best meets their needs.

  • are accountable to our participants to provide a responsible, fair and transparent service.

  • are committed to maintaining a disciplined approach to standards of correct and appropriate behaviour.

AUsome Supports are an autistic owned support service who are committed to the encouragement and development of ND affirming service provision.  We are also passionate about eradicating ableism through education and mentorship.  We begin this by addressing our own ableism to change the focus from medical model support to the social model of support, which focuses on our attributes and in changing the obstacles placed in our way by societal norms. 

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33 Roseberry Street, Gladstone Central, QLD 4680

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